Where to eat in LA: Massilia

I’m always looking for a restaurant that feels as gourmet as the food. I want to bring date night to have flower arrangements, a charming patio, and the kind of service that feels as though I’m dining somewhere warm and familiar.

Massilia, a finely-crafted French and Moroccan restaurant, has all of that.

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How to Style + Plan an IG-Worthy Party

…on a budget. My 8 tips for executing an IG-worthy event or photoshoot!

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How to Pack 12 Traveling Outfits in 1 Carry-on

Don’t you just hate paying for baggage. During my blogger trip to Italy, I knew a full sized bag for my personal things would be too complicated with cobblestone streets, trains, buses, and ferries. It was carry-on or bust.

After all the obsessing I’ve done over Nasty Gal’s collection, I decided to go hard and purchase their sets for my trip. I’m a fairly minimalist girl, but twelve outfits was going to be a new capsule carry-on wardrobe and I needed Nasty Gal’s help.

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