REVOLVE FESTIVAL: how to get an invite + my experience


Here’s the skinny on the Revolve Festival.

The Revolve Festival.

For the girls who are in the know, the Revolve Festival is the ultimate blogger event of the year. Brands, bloggers, influencers, content creators, and Instagram icons mingle on a private estate with a roundup of the hottest brands in demand.

This invite-only event is the biggest party of the Coachella season. Here’s my take on the event and my advice for scoring an invitation.


who’s there

In 2018, icon appearances include Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajkowski, Nicole Richie, Olivia Culpo, Winnie Harlow and others.

Besides the VIP’s hanging out in the roped off cabana area, bloggers from every industry were in attendance. Music, fashion, beauty, travel, art and lifestyle seemed to be the main pipelines of bloggers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 7.16.25 PM.png

what happens

Pool parties, DJ’s (including A$AP ROCKY, Mike Will Made-IT + Friends, 21 Savage, and Snoop Dogg) food hosted by fav restaurants (In-N-Out brought a semi truck with burgers), bar stations, and of course dozens of photo ops to give bloggers plenty of opportunities to git dat content.


what’s the scoop

It’s a blast seeing celebs and all your fav big bloggers in line to get a coconut acai bowl, sure. But if Coachella is the millennial version of Fashion Week, then the Revolve Festival is the fashion show backstage press room. In other words, bring yo dang biz cards, girl. Don’t huddle with your squad: GO INTRODUCE! This is the rare opportunity to be surrounded by 20-somethings doing their hustle through the ‘gram, and it didn’t quite click for me until I stepped into the festival.

I grabbed my phone and went up to girl squads who were trying to selfie and offered to take their group pic, and we gabbed it up. What’s your IG handle? Where are you guys from? What’s your favorite blogging experience? I came home with 50 new blogger pals from around the world, and you bet we spent the past year blowing up each other’s comment sections with flame and heart eyes emojis.

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what to bring

  • Bring a fellow hustle buddy! It’s tempting to bring your party pal but this event has too many amazing opportunities for bloggers to waste on getting wasted. A lot of attendees bring their photographer, videographer, assistants, managers, or another blogger buddy. (In fact, after I helped my girls Jen (@withjenrachel) and Brenda (@emabrenda) get a pic from laying on the grass, a blogger walked up and remarked “Oh! You must be her manager!” ;p)

  • Bring sunscreen. Seriously, girl.

  • Bring a couple extra outfits! There’s too many photo ops to reuse the same outfit!

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how to get an invite: for bloggers and influencers

  1. Follow Revolve on IG.

    I mean, duh.

  2. Regularly engage with Revolve’s content.

    It’s especially good to reply to stories or tag your friends. Just show your love for Revolve!

  3. Post creative, on-brand photos with Revolve clothing and tag the brand.

    Show off your style! Tip: look through Revolve’s IG to get an idea of the styles they feature and try to stay on theme. This is a great way to get noticed by their social media managers!

  4. DM your high engagement posts to Revolve with a screenshot of your analytics.

    There’s a tacky and a not-tacky way to do this. Please, don’t say “hi can I haz invites and free stuff.” Instead: “Hi, I’m loving the style inspo that you’ve been posting! In fact, it inspired me to put together these outfits. My followers are loving the looks, and I’ve noticed that these posts have gotten great engagement! Thanks again for being my fav fashion account!”

  5. Relax about it.

    If you don’t hear back from Revolve, don’t get pouty. There’s always next year, and make this your opportunity to come up with more creative post ideas! My motto is: Good things come to those who work!