What to do in LA: ROW DT LA


Where can you escape the crowds of LA for a sunny boutique strip with new generation restaurants, live indie bands, vintage pop up shops, vegan food trucks, and micro festivals?

That’s ROW.

Who knows what it stands for.

Who cares.

It’s an inside secret that everybody keeps and nobody knows.

I found it accidentally during a food truck event. Chris and I parked in a structure crawling with vines and passed several live bands and sophisticated minimalist store fronts in the realms of design, craft, style, vintage, wellness, and more.

“The heck is this place?” I wondered.

And then I got a $4 vegan bubble tea and a ginger thai burger that measured five inches tall from a friendly food truck.

On my way to the next door coffee shop, I stumbled into a boutique with organic cotton sundresses and hammered gold jewelry made from a garage.

The heck is the place.

Who knows. I’m in on the secret, now.

The ROW is best enjoyed on a sunny Saturday. Check their calendar to meet your gal pals at one of their events or festivals.

And even if nothing is going on, just enjoy the regular going-on’s of flower shop trucks parked and overfilled, music drifting from every direction, and pop up shop owners smiling from under their wide-brimmed straw hats.


Don’t miss:

  1. Paramount Coffee Project for aussie fusion plates and the coffee shop of which your heart has always dreamed. I blogged about my dining experience at PCP here.

  2. Rooftop yoga and music at Bender Yoga

  3. Smorgasboard: a weekly Sunday open air market for food, shopping, and drinks.


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