Three books that will get you off the dang couch





I was at my best friend Joelle’s house last summer and I was six days away from starting my starting my first full-time corporate job on top of my own business. It felt like that feeling when the rollercoaster bar has already locked but the ride hasn’t started yet. And then I found GIRLBOSS on her bookshelf, read it cover to cover while she was at work, and scared her brother from laughing myself into a bellyache in a completely empty room.


Chris and I watched the Netflix spin-off of the book and he immediately disliked the Sophia character. She comes from a messy background and starts her business as a messy woman. She’s hot headed, undisciplined, and unprofessional. She’s not a likeable heroine. But for all those reasons, I love her. Sophia does not pretend to have it all together. She isn’t The Perfect Woman.

But she still went on to become one of the most successful self-made women.


If Sophia can defeat the odds through soul-wearing hard work, I can, too.


2. Becoming the Boss


It took me a good two years to learn how to college. Nobody told me in freshman orientation that even though professors aren’t supposed to pick favorites, they do, so never ask questions that might doubt their expertise. Don’t walk barefoot in the dorm halls. Ever. And 90% of getting an A is just organizing your time and planning your week ahead.

When I started working a big corporate job, I was anxious to learn the rules. My coworker suggested that I read Becoming the Boss and even let me borrow her copy (note to self: give it back to her). I wouldn’t say that this book covers any new, ground breaking advice. It’s a collection of all the tried-and-true rules that you need to know whether you’re opening up your first Etsy shop or getting hired at an organization with 3,000 employees.


3. The Productivity Project


If you’ve ever wondered, “Hmmm, what would my day look like with 100% maximum efficiency,” Chris Bailey can tell you.

Quite frankly, Chris goes into such meticulous detail and painstaking analysis of all productivity methods that he manages to make productivity feel less sexy. His productivity methods make him a force of nature, but less of the Limitless Bradley Cooper and more of the Sheldon Cooper (Just break the rules once ya nerd).

However, if there’s any source that you can put absolute faith in, you can trust the unwavering stickler Chris Bailey. Buy his book and skim it until you find a gold gem, then write it down.

My personal gem: choose three things I day that I want to accomplish. Not a list. Three. Things. Say them like a mantra.

Also, choose three things that I’m working towards completing this week. Another three things this month. This year. The next five years. Three is easy to remember and not overwhelming. There’s some sort of sticky magic about the three things; they become a mission statement and an identity. Try it. It works!