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How to Pack 12 Traveling Outfits in 1 Carry-on

Don’t you just hate paying for baggage. During my blogger trip to Italy, I knew a full sized bag for my personal things would be too complicated with cobblestone streets, trains, buses, and ferries. It was carry-on or bust.

After all the obsessing I’ve done over Nasty Gal’s collection, I decided to go hard and purchase their sets for my trip. I’m a fairly minimalist girl, but twelve outfits was going to be a new capsule carry-on wardrobe and I needed Nasty Gal’s help.

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REVOLVE FESTIVAL: how to get an invite + my experience

The Revolve Festival.

For the girls who are in the know, the Revolve Festival is the ultimate blogger event of the year. Brands, bloggers, influencers, content creators, and Instagram icons mingle on a private estate with a roundup of the hottest brands in demand.

This invite-only event is the biggest party of the Coachella season. Here’s my take on the event and my advice for scoring an invitation.

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Picnic in the Tujunga Hills + Guide To Having Fun Without Spending Money

AKA How To Get Lit While Broke As A Joke. 

Recently I ran off into the mountains to have a picnic with my lovely girls Brenda and Jen.

This outing got me thinking about all the quirky parties and hangouts that Chris and I have hosted over the years. Here's a great big list of ideas and tips for having fun with the gang from Friday-Sunday without emptying the piggy bank.

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