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I help brands get relevant, engaging and results-driven social media presence.

It starts with a consultation to fully understand your goals and objectives – then develop a strategy to surpass them. That includes extensive research to develop the most effective keyword strategy, highlight the channels where your audience is most likely to be and develop persona-specific solutions.

You don’t have to do the work, because I do it for you. I track, measure and report the metrics that shape your social strategy. If something works, you’ll see it. If something doesn’t, I’ll fix it.

case studies

Heather grew my Instagram to 23K followers without any spammy growth tactics.
— J.G.


midwest model to mega model

A midwest freelance model hoped to use her social accounts to find big campaigns. After creating her brand, I developed a strategy that focused on funneling traffic from fashion, skincare, and wellness. Once her following began organically ballooning, I helped her position her content where brands could see her engagement.


Within one year of management, Joelle had contracts with brands from New York to Los Angeles. Her following shot up from 2,000 followers to 24,000 organic followers in just thirteen months, and that following landed her a spot in campaigns from brands looking to align with her targeted audience.



commercials meet influencers

Alpha Wolves TV, a video creative agency in Los Angeles, wanted to expand outside their commercial and music video projects. I hired a team of Instagram influencers and helped create out-of-the-box campaigns that rebranded Alpha Wolves. As part of their rebranding, I helped kick off a social media strategy that pushed their content to the brands already shopping for a production team.


Within six months, Alpha Wolves TV was recognized as the Instagram production team for A-list influencers with 500,000+ followers. Their rebranded content went viral on Pinterest, a platform that had previously been tough to crack. Alpha Wolves successfully bridged the gap between TV and social media and continued to collaborate on social media campaigns like Kourtney Kardashian’s sparkling wine launch.




When Mayor Allen Pomraning ran for State Representative, he had three months to develop trust and recognition; he needed something to work fast. A website and email weren’t enough. I helped him launch a Facebook campaign with shareable content that drove clicks back to his donation page.


The mayor’s Facebook content went viral almost overnight. Within just two weeks, he held name recognition and was generating ongoing social buzz—even among the elusive college students and post-grads, a demographic that made up 24% of the voter demographics.

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